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How to Backup Android Phone without Root [2022]

There are two types of android users exist on this planet. The first are those who use stock android, stay in limited features whereas the second users are rooted android users, who don’t like limitations. Rooting an android device give a user complete control on its android device. However, there are risks as well. Lack of knowledge or incorrect procedure can brick your rooted android device and also the warranty will be void.

On the other side, non-rooted or regular android users still have a safe side. You can also make backup of your apps on a non-rooted android device. All you need to do is just follow this guide.

Note:- Make sure you have enabled Unknown Sources option in your device’s Settings. Head to Settings> Security> Enable Unknown Sources option here.

How to take Backup of Your Android Phone without Root, Unknown source

How to take Backup of Android Phone without Root

1-Take a backup of Call Logs and SMS

You can also make a complete backup of your SMS and Call Logs. The android SMS app contains our day to day life messages and some of them are important too. Keeping backup of call logs is also the best option. So we recommend installing SMS Backup and Restore app.

Steps to back up Call Logs and SMS using SMS Backup and Restore app

Steps to Restore Call Logs and SMS using SMS Backup and Restore app

SMS Backup & Restore
SMS Backup & Restore
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

1- First download SMS Backup and Restore app.

2- Now, open it.

3- Here just tap on Backup and the SMS and Call Logs Backup process will begin.

Note:- You can save this backup either in your device’s local storage or to cloud storage.

Steps to Restore Call Logs and SMS using SMS Backup and Restore app

1- Open SMS Backup and Restore app.

2- Tap on Restore option.

3- The SMS and Call Logs restore process will start.

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2- Backup Android Apps and Games

Making backup of android apps and games is one of the best option. There are many android apps available on Google Play Store that feature android apps backup utility. We recommend to use App Backup and Restore app.

Download App Backup and Restore app.

When you have downloaded the app, simply open it. Then just select the app you like to take backup. When selected, just click on Backup button. The backup process will start. When you want to restore the apps then head to restore section. Click on app you want to restore. That’s it.

3- Backup your Calendar and Contacts

Calendar and Contacts are one of the most important thing to take backup of. The reason is calendar contains our day to day life activities list and reminders. Same as, the contact’s app contains our important contacts.

There are two ways to make backup of your contacts. You can make backup on local storage or by sync to your Google account. To make contacts backup on local storage, open Contacts app. Tap on three dots menu. Here tap on Import/Export option then click on Export to Storage. Now select the contacts which you want to back up. When selected tap OK. That’s it.

To Sync your contacts with Google Account, simply Settings> Accounts> Google> Choose your Gmail Account> Here enable contacts sync. Using this method, you can also backup your Calendar by sync it to your Google account.

4- Backup your Photos

You must take backup of your photos as they all are precious memories of life. The backup of photos will keep you tension free because you don’t have to worry anymore if you any precious photo got deleted accidentally. The best option is to sync your photos with your Google account. As you can also access your photos from any device using your Google account.

To sync your photos with your Google account, open Google Photos app then open Settings. Here move to back up & Sync section. Simply turn it on. Now, the Google Photos app will automatically sync your photos with your Google account.

5- All in One Backup: The All Rounder app

My Backup
My Backup
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Here we have a great choice. The all in one backup app. This app will let you backup of all your android apps, games, contacts, SMS, call log, calendar and more. You don’t have to back up everything individually. Simply open it and start backup your android device. You can not only store your backup in local storage but also store it in cloud storage like Google Drive and DropBox.

We hope this article helped you. Don’t forget to comment below guys if you have any questions and feel free to ask if you find any problems while making backup of your android device without root. Stay tuned with us to get more regular updates and information about the latest technology, gadgets and more.


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